Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Discussion Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 20

Discussion - Essay Example icle, â€Å"Effective Communication-That is just what I mean† by Santosh Sachdeva, the author has emphasized on the importance of effective communication. The author has also highlighted the significance of accurate body language and tone while communicating with the other person. Body language, voice and words play are the most essential elements of an effective communication. A person can misunderstand or misinterpret the meaning of the entire message; if any element of an effective communication is absent from the message. The author further adds that feed back or the response signifies that the message has been understood by the receiver. However, we cannot ignore the issues that generally emerge during any communication either it is done verbally or nonverbally. People often ignore what other person is saying. They focus more on their response rather paying attention to the words of other person. People make errors in communication either they are bounded by their ego or they feel superiority complex over the other one which damages the effectiveness. Perception is another issue which causes damage to effective communication. People often ignore the message of a person who is low in status or less privileged. On the other hand, people pay more attention to the words and meanings of the person who is more sound and stable than the other groups. Sometimes people ignore the message conveyed to them in state of stress. People believe what they see, they acquire from their surroundings and what is being fed in their minds rather they communicate and talk with other groups to justify the authenticity of the information. To avoid issues in communication, it is very important to listen actively to the words of the speaker and to give a proper feedback to the person in order to assure him that you have understood the message and the

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